project developed at IMPA [National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics]


Prof. Luiz Velho


Leandro Cruz & Djalma Lucio




Still images


Arboreum was a project developed for the Masters course Fundamentals and Trends in Vision and Image Processing, held at IMPA (National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics). It is a system meant to assist hypothetical Biomedicine undergraduate students in exploring the nature of medicinal plants, through the use of photography. The site chosen to be photographed was Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, where specimens of medicinal plants can be found spreading throughout the park.

In order to take part in the experiment, students create an individual profile on a web platform. Then, they are divided into groups and make use of a smartphone app to capture photos of specific trees located in the Botanical Garden. These photos — embedded with metadata regarding location, date, photographer, exposure info — feed the system and are then displayed on an interactive panel, in which participants can check each other’s pictures and manipulate the imagery. The photographies support professors in illustrating technical aspects of the plants growth.

The process repeats cyclically over different semesters so that plants can be captured and observed in distinct phases of its development. The image database generated forms galleries that are exhibited in a web portal along with students and professors comments.