project developed at IMPA [National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics]


Profs. Luiz Velho & Silvia Steinberg



Fluxus Urbanus

Still images


Fluxus Urbanus is a short movie, part of the project Gigapixel Panoramas and Narratives (N-PAN), which took place at the VISGRAF Laboratory from March to July of 2009.

The goal of this project was to exploit the potential of gigapixel panoramas for creating new forms of narratives. For this purpose a collaboration was established between the Brazilian institutions IMPA (National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics) and ESDI (the design institute of Rio de Janeiro State University).

Six undergraduate students from the design school were selected to take part in the project and work with photography and technology experts from both institutions. This multidisciplinary group of people was organized to study the subject, capture gigapixel panoramic images and produce audiovisual narratives. The gigapixel panorama explored in the movie can be seen here.


The short movie explores the movement and singular dynamics of Largo da Carioca, a traditional working square situated in Rio de Janeiro city. It is a large site with intensive movement of workers and a real stage for popular artists.


The main goals of Fluxus Urbanus were to explore the use of gigapixel panoramas as raw material in the development of the audiovisual narrative as well as valorize those who bring Rio de Janeiro city center alive: workers, artists, vendors, everyone.


• N-PAN project’s official webpage.

Gigapixel panoramas taken by our team.

Special thanks to N-PAN team: Prof. Luiz Velho, Prof. Silvia Steinberg, Adriana Amorim, Alice Garcia, Andre Siggia, Bernardo Schorr, Denise Del Re Filippo, Luisa Fosco, Rodolfo Schulz de Lima and Thiago Lima.