project developed at ESDI [the design institute of Rio de Janeiro State University]


Prof. Silvia Steinberg


Alice Garcia & Bianca Arcadier



Immersive Reading

Still images


Immersive Reading was a project elaborated for Readings of Absense proposal, which was focused on the area of visual perception and was composed of two main parts. The first one was developed in group and involved observation and mapping of an indoor public space — Travessa bookstore was the one chosen. The second part was developed individually and comprised the conception of communication objects of small and large formats, based on what had been observed in the bookstore during the previous stage.

The concepts of an interactive panel and an interactive swimming cap were designed as communication objects. The panel is located in Rio de Janeiro downtown area and displays for pedestrians images of the bookstore readers ‘travelling’ around the globe with their imagination (with suggestive background location transitions). The cap displays interactive content of a book being read, stimulating readers to share opinions and ideas of common interest.


The concepts developed are inspired by the observation that Travessa bookstore stands out as an environment with a distinctive atmosphere, characterized by coziness and warmth. There, the reader experiences a time of observation, introspection and immersion.


The project Immersive Reading explores the potential of diverse media formats in communicating a message and, at long last, aims at stimulating reading among Rio de Janeiro citizens.