project developed at TU-Delft [Delft University of Technology]


Prof. Renier Birkhoff



Play Room

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The task requested in the exercise for Design Manifestation course [TU-Delft] was to develop a specific public space with the qualities of another. With ‘quality’ was specifically meant the formal qualities (like layout, design, aesthetics) in connection with cultural and moral values, like what is expected under certain circumstances. With that in mind, I have chosen to develop a cinema room with the qualities of a playground.

In this cinema room, the audience is displayed in circles around a translucent screen, through which they can see the movie and also their fellow ‘players’ on the opposite side of the room. During the movie, each audience row smoothly spins, providing people with different perspectives of the action presented. With the movement, spectators can freely change seats and reach any disposable place in the entire room.

This project was presented in the ‘EAD09 – 9th International European Academy of Design Conference: The Endless End’, held at University of Porto (2011).


With its inspiration in the sharing environment and the group dynamics observed in children’s playgrounds, the Play Room is a place for interactive entertainment.

This direction was based on a personal frustration regarding cinema rooms, which is the fact that people are brought together by a common movie they want to watch, but remain confined in their own bubble. The smooth movement of the rows stimulates people to change seats in order to have a better view of the action that is being shown, shifting the audience’s condition from passive to active state.


The Play Room is not meant to replace regular movie sessions, but to give people a totally different experience of action, in a playful and challenging way. It is an invitation for breaking the patterns and experiencing something new. Grab your popcorn, come and Play in the Room!