*MSc project at ESDI [the design institute of Rio de Janeiro State University]


Profs. Washington Dias Lessa & Luiz Velho


Prof. Luisa de Mattos Rocha




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A participatory culture is emerging amid the fast propagation of media technologies that make it possible to produce, archive, appropriate and recirculate informational content. A collaboration logic is observed, made feasible by technical tools that structure the networked knowledge. In this context, the museum performs an effort in order to update itself as an agency of sociocultural representation.

In this thesis, we maintain that the social participatory interaction is a path to renew and expand the cultural narratives developed by museums, in respect to its communicational relationship with the audience. Therefore, a system called Reveal was devised: a preliminary model which aims at investigating participation design within a museological context.

The system, which is located in Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, presupposes the participation of high school students in an activity elaborated by the Environment Museum team. Participants contribute with photographs captured with mobile devices.


Digital version of the dissertation (Portuguese only).

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