*BA graduation project at ESDI [the design institute of Rio de Janeiro State University]


Prof. Pedro Luiz Pereira de Souza


Prof. Jorge Lucio de Campos



Voices of a city in tempo

You can watch this video with subtitles in Portuguese here.


Voices of a City in Tempo is a project that seeks to criticize the acceleration that characterizes the social dynamics of contemporary life in big cities, rich in intolerance and anxiety. On its theoretical-reflexive part, the project relies on a multidisciplinary approach, involving fields of study such as Psychology, Anthropology, Design, Philosophy and Music to establish two principles: first, the need to revise the appropriation of technology and its instruments; secondly, the appreciation of human contact and qualitative time (Kairos), time of contemplation and reflection.

The formalization of the project consists of a DVD, whose main video [shown above] is a non-linear narrative which features three basic components: images recorded in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro; audio extracted from interviews, documentaries and websites; and sketches scripted by me and interpreted by helpers (and friends) Bianca Arcadier and Daniel Saadia.
(All DVD videos can be found here.)

Certificate of Brazilian Product (Ancine): 11013741


The project comes from a personal demand, from a will to make a critical work on the dynamics of modern life (or postmodern or hypermodern), in which reaction to multiple stimuli exceeds reflection and critical thinking. Furthermore, the proposal arises from reflections and studies on the new role of design today, with a change of focus that goes from design centered on the product and its objective aspects to the design centered on humans and their ways of seeing, interpreting and coping with the surroundings.


The main objective of this project is to highlight paths and views that contribute to the reduction of human metabolism and increase the quality of engagement between people. Ultimately, it deals with the need to stimulate a critical reflection on the societal role of designers and their desirable conscious attitude towards their production.

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